Fly Non-Stop From NYC To San Juan, Puerto Rico For $165.00 Round-Trip


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  • Availability on Priceline Refundable within 24 hours
  • Or Expedia Tickets bought today are refundable until tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. PT.
  • There are few open seats for each date.
  • Always research one-way through one seat and then start working your way up to the majority of seats you require to reserve the maximum number of available seats.
  • Using a card such as Sapphire Preferred, Ink Preferred, or Sapphire Reserve, you can earn between 2 and 3 Chase points per $ spent and receive at no extra cost trip cancellation insurance, luggage insurance, travel injury insurance, flight and luggage interruption protection, and more.
  • You can purchase additional seats. by writing EXTRASEAT before your last name on the ticket. You'll get your baggage allotment multiplied.
  • Get Up To 100,000 Miles With Chase United Cards



Sample Dates: from NYC to San Juan, Puerto Rico round-trip 

Available from September to November 2024.

4th-11th Sep 4th-12th Sep 4th-13th Sep 6th-13th Sep 6th-14th Sep 7th-14th Sep 7th-16th Sep 8th-16th Sep 9th-16th Sep 9th-18th Sep 10th-18th Sep 10th-19th Sep 11th-18th Sep 11th-19th Sep 11th-20th Sep 13th-20th Sep 13th-21st Sep 14th-21st Sep 14th-23rd Sep 15th-23rd Sep 15th-24th Sep 16th-23rd Sep 16th-24th Sep 16th-25th Sep 17th-24th Sep 17th-25th Sep 17th-26th Sep 18th-25th Sep 18th-26th Sep 18th-27th Sep 20th-27th Sep 20th-28th Sep 21st-28th Sep 22nd Sep – 1st Oct 23rd Sep – 1st Oct 23rd Sep – 2nd Oct 24th Sep – 1st Oct 24th Sep – 2nd Oct 24th Sep – 3rd Oct 25th Sep – 2nd Oct 25th Sep – 3rd Oct
25th Sep – 4th Oct 27th Sep – 4th Oct 27th Sep – 5th Oct 28th Sep – 5th Oct 1st-10th Oct 2nd-10th Oct 2nd-11th Oct 15th-22nd Oct 15th-23rd Oct 15th-24th Oct 16th-23rd Oct 16th-24th Oct 16th-25th Oct 22nd-29th Oct 22nd-30th Oct 22nd-31st Oct 28th Oct – 4th Nov 28th Oct – 5th Nov 28th Oct – 6th Nov 29th Oct – 5th Nov 29th Oct – 6th Nov 29th Oct – 7th Nov 5th-14th Nov.


Making Use of Chase Points:

Each point earned on the Chase Sapphire Reserve can be redeemed for 1.5 cents toward travel expenses. You can get 1.25 cents per point when you use your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Preferred card to book a trip.

When you sign in with your Chase ID, you'll have the option to use your points toward future travel. With a Sapphire Reserve, With a Sapphire Reserve, the fee is 2,926 points. There are no hidden fees or taxes in that price, and you can still earn airline miles!

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